Marina Cruz
graphic designer, London Info / Contact
02. Phunny Phonetics – Intrigued by colloquial expressions of different languages, this a book where readers are encouraged to learn another language via it’s quirky expressions & peculiar-sounding phonetics. 03. Phunny Phonetics is a book where readers interactively practice and experience speaking Brazilian Portuguese via the sounds of British English phonetics & vice-versa. The aim of this project was to hopefully provide 
an insight into the confusing world of multilingualism, 
and just how exhausting the experience can be; having to constantly switch, flip and juggle different sounds 
and intonations. Having to act as both designer & copywriter, creating the ever-so confusing content 
of both languages was a great lesson in multi-tasking and gigantic task that is the production of a book. Typography, Self-Initiated, Editorial
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